Nastia Liukin

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just got back from my meet!
It was SSOO fun! The first thing we did was get into our groups. My group was Group E. Then each group lined up and started stretching. After that My group went into the practice room and waited untill it was or turn to go out. The first thing we did was Floor. That was realy fun. I was about 5th to go. Coach Patt helpedme with my back bend and kickover. On that event I got a 9.3.
Then we went to vault. It did okay on that one. We got two chances incase we messed up. The vault we did was easy. We ran jumped on the spring board reached forward on the map and rolled. I think I gotg a 9.55 on that one. Then we went to Bars. I was the first to go on that event. It was pretty easy untill I had one leg on ether side of the bar and had to spin around. Other than that it was good. I got a 9.5.
Then we went to beam. i went first again. We did the routine. I think the best thing I did on that was the round-off dismount. =P. i got a 9.9! Almost a 10! After that we got awards. I got a T-shirt,a trophy, a tatto, 5 ribbons on a score card. Then My mom bought me another shirt! Today was awesome! g2g pack for camping now!!!!!!



  1. AWSOME!!
    Y'all did film it right?? :-o

  2. Congratulations! I can't wait to see the video!!! love, A. Jen