Nastia Liukin

Monday, July 5, 2010

What your hands look like after your first hard bar routine


  1. I just couldn't look!
    But yes I did see them, it's hard to explane.
    All I can say is: "OW!!!"
    How could you even do that?
    I think I'm gonna X-out gymnastics on my list! =P lol
    Isn't there some kind of gloves you can wear for that???
    Sue! =D

  2. yeah I know its kinda gross. I actually can't wait for it to happen. Two reasons. 1: its happened to every great gymnast, and 2: its gonna happen sometime so the sooner the better. =P
    When you start doing harder bar routines wear hand grips. They help some, but your hand still rips under the grips.

  3. YUCK! Angelica how can you do that?!