Nastia Liukin

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hey people,
Dude I haven't posted in forever!
Well there was just a gymnastics competion but I have to wait for a lap top where I can watch videos until I can post about it.

Anyway, recently I have been reading about gymnastics on the computer and figured out that gymnasts don't like to write very much. Like, I keep trying to look up what the famous gymnasts eat or their training schedule of something like that. I can barely find anything!
And what I do find is just the same thing over and over again. So I am writing a letter to the all time great Mary-Lou Retton and ask her some questions and maybe send her the link to the blog.
And if she writes back ( she probably won't because I imagine she is probably very busy with lots of fan mail ) if she does I might post a little of it on the blog.

Lately I have been having private lessons with coach Brian. Right now we are working on round-off flip flops. It is very hard. The part that is the hardest is pushing in the round-off to where both my hands and my feet are off the ground. I keep trying but I just can't get the hang of it. Tonight I have gym class and hopefully we will work on it a little. Also my flip flop is crooked so we have to work on doing it in a straight line. Also I'm piking in my flip flop instead of arching.
So yeah it needs a lot of work.
well ttyl



  1. I had fun watching you!!
    I want to come again!
    You where really good!!

  2. You were good, Your voach Brian is really ummm.... Don't know how to say it.. very energetic!