Nastia Liukin

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well last Tuesday was my gymnastics class.
Coach Shannon is going to college so Coach Brian is teaching floor now.
I'm happy and sad. Because I love Coach Shannon but Coach Brian is the best and maybe my favorite coach. So...I think I'm happy about it.
We also have two new coaches. Coach Ashley and Coach Angie.
Coach Angie doesn't look more then a year older then me!

So that made me think about how young she might be and that she was working.
Well, I was talking to Coach Kayla and she said that she (meaning Kayla) started working at the gym when she was 14! She said she just helped out with the groups when they needed help.

I could do that! Or I could clean the gym, or take pictures for it or anything!
I just want to work there so bad. Even if I don't get paid.
I could get paid, or I could work for free lessons...I would even be happy with volunteer work.
At least I'd get to see gymnastics every day.

My mom said to ask and see if they had anything for me to do there. But I am to shy to ask and am worried they won't have anything for me to do.